Steps to start and run a coffee bar

Start and run a coffee bar in a professional way, you must follow these steps

Part 1: Getting started

1 . Prepare a business plan

Your vision of your business

How shoul I star out?

Customer profiles: finding your target market

What type of coffee bar is best?

Choosing  your product and services

Risk assessmrnt

The business plan


2 Setting up your business

Choosing a name

Your business structure

Start- up costs



3 Insurance

Obtaining insurance

Planning your insurance your program

Type of business and personal insurance


4 Securing a site for your coffee bar

Where are the best location

Mapping it out

The site citeria check list

Evaluating the competition

Evaluating the financial viability of the site: the pro foma

Making an offer

How to negotiate your lease- Strategy that can save your thousand of dollars

The key consideration in making your final site decision.


5. Desining your own store

Creating your business’s identify

Your coffee bar’s look

Your staff’s look


6. Getting to your opening

How to do cost efective plans

How to get permits and licenses

Putting the job out to tender

Thing to do and buy

Supplier consideration

Storing your order

How and when to open your doors


7. Building a winning team

How to find a great staff

Employment starndards

How to interview

How to make hiring decisions you won’t forget

Deciding howmany people to hire

How to train your staff

Station designation

How to find a great manager


8. How to keep your coffee bar cleen

Keeping your coffee bar cleen

Cleening tips

The important of dish washing

Specific dish washing introductions

Keeping your coffee bar well stocked


Part 2: The product


9. Roasting coffee





The different roasts

Roasts samples

Coffee flavoring

Storing beans


Selling  roasted beasns to your customers


 10. Making and serving coffee

Which coffee should you serve?


Measuring – how much coffee for how much brew?

Brwing equipment

The steps to brewing success

How to serve your coffee


11. The secret of espresso success


The espresso grinder

The espresso machine

Six steps to a terrific espresso


Espresso troubleshooting

Espresso menu items


12. Speciaty coffees

What are specialty coffee?

Foaming versus steaming

Six step to steaming milk

Six steps to foaming meal

Specialty coffee menu items


13. Tea

The contemplative beverage

A brief history of tea

Growing tea

Types of tea

Market potential

Tea “brands”

Five keys to great tea

Cupping tea

Serving tea

Selling tea to your customers

Teahouses – to build or not to build


Part 3: Operation


14. The money exchange station

The money exchange station- where it all happens

The till: policies and procedures

 Elevent steps to customer service

At the counter that will wow? Your customers

Special requests

Long lineups


15. How to manage a successful coffee bar business

Business management

Employee management

Product management

Financial management

Facilities management


16. Building sales

Sales objective

Marketing objectives and strategies

Getting new customers

Keeping your customers

Getting your customer to spend more

Gettimg customer to  come back more often

Marketing plan


17. Sevent characteristics of a successful coffee bar owner

You as a great leader

You as a Manager

You as a Communicator

You as a Goal setter

You as a Problem solver

You as a great sale builder

Commitment to customer service


18. Expanding and franchising

Expanding when and why




Coffee and the eviroment

Coffee orgnizations and suppliers.




Business plan outline

Star – up bugget

Pro forma

Staff application form

Interview’s  form

Traning completion certificate

Brew record

Manager’s meeting form

Inventory order sheet

Daily prep sheet

Daily cash sheet

Weekly summary

Monh-end income and expensive statement

Media thank you letter

Marketing calendar

Complain letter respond



Site selection criteria

Coffee bar design and lay out

Pre – opening checklist

Station completion sign-off

Opening checklist

Closing checklist