05 free ways to boost your marketing

Here are 5 ways to improve your marketing – these have been taken from our marketing ideas download
Speak at an event
There are so many events these days in every industry. You get stuff in the post and see it online. These people are desperate for experts like you to speak – so get in touch and get on their list.
Don’t be afraid of public speaking. The attendees want to hear from you. They will value your opinion.
Do a leaflet drop
You know who your target customer are so why not prepare a simple flyer on your computer and hand deliver it to people you want to buy your services whether they are businesses or customers in the street where you live. Follow up with visits or phone calls and ensure you tell your potential customers of the BENEFITS of doing business with you.
Business Cards
Everyone who runs a business should have a business card. A business card with a sales message on it. Give them out to everyone you know and meet. You’ll never know when someone who meets one of these folks needs a service like yours. Rather than say “I know someone but can’t remember their details” they can hand over the card you gave them.
Be an expert
You may be reading this on another website. That’s the power of becoming an expert. If you write articles others will pick them up and post them on their sites because the content is so powerful. Write more as an expert.
Send out press releases
Every business has new products or services or does something different. Prepare a press release on something that will excite readers AND researchers/ journalists alike. It must be newsworthy and interesting. Decide where you would like it published and email the editor the press release. Follow this up with a phone call (these guys get so many each day yours needs to stand out and you need to keep calling until it is published) type=’text/javascript’>

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